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6 reasons why a marketing team should use Butter

10th December 2021

6 reasons why a marketing team should use Butter

Working in Marketing teams and organisations means that you have to make outlines for major tasks, meet deadlines and major milestones for each project while working on multiple projects where each and every one of them has to be ready on time and with all the client criteria fulfilled.But this usually doesn’t happen when all you’re doing is working on a spreadsheet template and the same old chat applications. According to Ziflow, 47% of companies that say project management software has improved their project cost estimates. So when you decide to switch over to a project management and collaboration software, you think you will not face these problems again. Until you lose most of your messages and can’t find the one thing you were looking for in a sea of tasks.

This is exactly why we at Butter decided to create a business oriented professional product that is built for the exact fast paced, heavy load and instantaneous work that Marketing firms do, without the hassle of having to learn complicated commands in yet another software. But that’s just a claim we’re making. So, you may ask, what exactly is it about Butter that makes us stand out?

Let’s find out.


Task Tracking

A major part of Marketing work involves completing tasks timely, and the ability to track and identify each task because that task is one in a complicated web of other co-dependent tasks. What this means is that you need easy task tracking and progress reports in each and every stage of your work. What Butter does is provide you with an interactive dashboard which helps you navigate easily between tasks, right from campaign launches to writing ad copies. You can see what tasks are pending, in progress and all the tasks that are done. If you’re on our Web app you can simply drag and drop tasks to the status they are in. This way you can stay on top of your calendar game and never miss important dates and deadlines

Progress Reports and Real time feedback

But it’s not everyday that a task is completed that easily. Usually there’s much follow up to do and it gets messy without proper mechanisms around. What Butter does is offer you handy options to ask for status updates, either in the group or individually, with the simple click of a button. If you simply wish to add details to the task at hand, you can add attachments and even put in comments in the task itself. For example, you might need to share your A/B testing ideas with your team. This means that approvals and markups become a real time process with Butter.

Workspaces and Dashboards

Butter’s intuitive and clean user interface makes sure that you can get more done in less. Outlining processes through workspaces and chat helps you collaborate in real time and provide feedback instantly. This way, you can get simultaneous updates from multiple sources and navigate through them easily. What this means is that now managers can keep track of their employees productivity through a very transparent system in which each person’s work is highlighted through our Dashboard. Through this we aim at increasing accountability and a better workflow.

Communication and Idea flow

The other major part of working in Marketing is the communication aspect of it. Time becomes a very crucial parameter as the right decision needs to be communicated at the right moment. What this means is that marketers need to be able to communicate, both with clients and with their teams to ensure that the work done is correct and on time. Another big part of the marketing process is the discussion of ideas. Most team collaboration apps that are in the market usually do not provide a specific chat service in their productivity software, which drives the consumer to other apps or email integrations which although somewhat effective, are cumbersome and satisfactory at best. Butter on the other hand brings together the best of both worlds. Since most marketing professionals need synchronous communication tools, Butter has an integrated chat service that helps you to stay connected with your team, our associates and even your clients.

Private workspaces and unlimited possibilities

What differentiates us from the others is our commitment to privacy, scalability and versatility while still retaining our ease of use. Butter workspaces help you create a separate and collective space for your teams. All these workspaces are protected by admin rights which means that only the people the creator wants can be added in this group. This becomes essential in an organization where departments need to have their own workspaces.

Divide your departments, teams or even projects with such workspaces which allow both group chats and individual chats with the people in the group. This helps you share your ideas revolving around marketing strategies, weekly blogs and calendar events such as campaigns launches.

Oh and did we mention Butter has no limits to how many people you can add to your workspace.

Mobility and Versatility

Chat threads in conversations are provided so that you can have multiple conversations in the group at once which also means that your important conversations do not get lost over time and are actually collated into one thread for easy reference, which means ideas and concepts are not lost in time. Moreover, just chatting may not be enough for you. Sharing design files, videos and documents is also a necessity for people in Marketing. This means that you need to be able to send and attach loads of files when you are communicating or assigning tasks. Butter has a 100mb file limit for free users, which can be increased as per one’s requirements. You can add attachments to tasks you create either through your chats by turning messages into tasks or just create them from your task section. This way you can manage work better by attaching files related to one particular project to the task associated with that, all in a non-cluttered, organized way.

Not only that, you can also do these things on the go with the Butter App. This offers more mobility and versatility so that no matter where you are your work is with you.

All in all, Butter offers you extensive versatility with easy task tracking coupled with an extremely useful chat feature that bridges the gap between work tracking and communication apps.

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