FAQs - Butter App
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Butter?

    Butter is a simple and mobile friendly team collaboration app. It's built for all teams, including the ones who have never used a structured collaboration app in past. Butter is available for mobile and desktop users.

  • From where do I download the app?

    Playstore - https://bit.ly/3vlmGPC

    Appstore - https://apple.co/3b4H3r7

  • Who can create an account on butter?

    Globally, anyone with a valid phone number or email ID can create an account on butter.

  • Why am I not able to register?

    Top 2 common reasons are -

    1. Incorrect Mobile no / Email ID - Ensure that you have signed in using correct Mobile number/ Email ID. Check your country code, if signing in by mobile number.

    2. Not receiving OTP on mobile no/ email - Check your mobile network / internet connectivity. If you are receiving other messages/ emails, you should receive OTP from Butter too.

      In case you are facing any other issue, then please contact us at support@thebutterapp.com

  • What can I do on butter?

    All type of team collaboration is possible on Butter.

    Project Managers can create and effectively track strategic projects.

    Product managers can assign design and development related tasks, take scrum calls

    Marketing teams can create and track digital marketing campaigns.

    Freelancers can manage end to end engagement with clients.

    Seniors can delegate work to sub-ordinates, without calling or writing an email.

    MBA students can divide and complete assignments / case study, while working in teams

    Clubs / societies can manage events to keep a track of all little tasks that matter

  • What is the limit on the number of groups that can be created or number of users in one group? Is there any limitation on creating tasks?

    Currently, we do not have any limit. Create unlimited Workspace. Add unlimited team members. Send unlimited chat messages. Assign unlimited tasks.

  • How to create a task/subtask? Is there an attachment size limit for task?

    There are 2 simple options of creating a task:

    From the side bar: Go to the side bar> Click on “Create task” By long pressing any message in the chat: Long press on any message on the chat>Click on “Create task”

    Add a title for a task>Select an assignee from your contact dropdown. You can also add a description of a task, due date, time and attach media files and documents to the task. However, adding a task name and assignee are mandatory to create a task.

    Currently, there is no size limit for any attachment in task.

  • How to track my tasks?

    All existing tasks can be tracked in the task section, which is divided in 3 segments:

    Pending : Task is created, but user has not started working on it

    In Progress : User has started working on the assigned task, but it's not complete yet

    Done: Task is completed by the user

  • How to track someone else's tasks?

    You can track other's tasks in 'All tasks' section, if you are part of the same group, in which the task was created.

    You may use the sorting or filtering option to narrow down your search."

  • How to follow up?

    We pride ourselves on having the simplest follow up feature, where follow ups are done on a single click of a button.

    To follow up on an assigned task, go to the All Tasks > Select the task you want to follow up on > Ask for current status. The app will give you an option of following up on either personal chat, or on the group.

  • Is this app free?

    Current version of this app is free for all users. You can create unlimited workspace, add unlimited team members, send unlimited chat messages, assign unlimited tasks.

  • How do I contact butter for further queries?

    For any questions beyond our FAQs, please reach out to us at support@thebutterapp.com. We do our best to respond within 48 Hours.