Our Story - Butter App
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The Butter Birth

Butter App is born out of our disappointment with the cumbersome nature of a typical remote team work.

We were looking for tools that could help us in effectively managing multiple projects and people. We found few relevant tools, but they were majorly targeted towards tech users and weren't very relevant to many, less tech-savvy individuals. So, we conducted a research and found the below results.

Our research resulted in some mind boggling stats:

Pain is Real

1. A remote working individual typically uses 5+ apps in a collaboration cycle.

2. Time lost due to inefficiencies in the collaboration process is more than 40%.

3. 70% users find tracking activities and following up with team members painful.

'non-tech' factor

1. The current set of collaboration tools are built by techies for techies.

2. These collaboration tools are mostly web first and not very intuitive on mobile phones.

3. Many non-techies find existing collaboration tools complex to use.

This research pushed us towards our journey to build a mobile first, chat based collaboration tool that makes the essential process of collaboration much simpler, especially for people who aren't very tech savvy.

And now, we are on
a Mission

We are on a mission to build the simplest, end-to-end collaboration solution for teams.

Collaborate Better, with Butter.

Switch to Butter today and make your team happy again.